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Rim locks are surface mounted locks. As the name suggests, rim locks fasten to the surface of a door. Rim locks can be screwed to the surface of a door. These locks are not the best for entry doors, but you can easily find rim locks for interior doors. A majority of rim locks originally produced from cast iron. Replicas are often use iron, brass, and nickel. Locksmith San Jose offer installation of high security rim cylinder lock, among a wide range of residential and commercial services.

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A rim cylinder is somewhat similar to a Mortise cylinder and some lock cylinder manufacturers have incorporated the Rim and Mortise lock cylinder into one. If you assess a rim lock based on its appearance alone, you will come to the conclusion that rim locks are much different than any of the other locks you have come across. You will not be entirely wrong with this assessment. Most rim locks are warded locks. Therefore, Warded locks make use of wards to prevent unauthorized access with the wrong key.

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Rim Cylinder Locks

High Security Rim Cylinder Lock | High Security Rim Cylinder Lock San Jose
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The rim cylinder usually uses cast metal which is a relatively inexpensive manufacturing process. So, this in turn makes these locks readily available at very affordable prices at most big box and hardware type stores. Not all rim cylinders use cast metal as they also use solid brass. But are more expensive because of the higher cost of the materials and the manufacturing process itself.

Some manufacturers are now seeing the value in manufacturing a dual-purpose lock cylinder and residential locksmiths are happy that there is one less item that they have to stock in their stores and their vehicles.

A rim cylinder can not only be in tilt-up garage door type locks but also in many of today’s standard deadbolt lock designs. Hence, rim cylinders are usually surface mount locks.

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High Security Rim Cylinder Lock in San Jose
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