Are You Looking for Replacing Lost Car Keys? You’re at the Right Place
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Replacing Lost Car Keys, Professional Locksmith Solutions

Do You Seek Replacing Lost Car Keys?

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When you can’t find your vehicle keys your best option is replacing lost car keys services. If you don’t have a spare key, you have to contact your local locksmith and quickly get a replacement.

The first thing you need to know is that panicking will not help you. So, try to remain calm and work your way out of the situation. If you lose your car key the best decision is to call a locksmith that provides auto locksmith services once you discovered the loss. In this situation we will help you to replace your key with a high quality copy.

Locksmith San Jose provides car key replacing for any type of keys. If your vehicle was manufactured before 1995, replacing your lost car key will be a peace of cake. Older vehicles use standard key, without any complicated high tech chips. So, we will need a blank key and our professional equipment for cutting a car key for you. We also suggest that you make a spare copy to avoid a lockout emergency or losing the key again.

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If you have a brand new vehicle, or any car after 1995, your key most likely has some technological advantages. These keys are of three kinds:

  • Transponder key
  • Remote fob key
  • Flip type key

All these keys have some tech in them, which makes them more secure, but replacing these types of keys is slightly more complex. It’s nothing impossible for our locksmith experts, but it takes more than just cutting the blade.

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How Replacing Lost Car Keys Works

Replacing Lost Car Keys | Replacing Lost Car Keys San Jose
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Transponder key has a transponder chip in it, without which the motor won’t start. This means that if the chip isn’t programmed to receive and respond to the car computer signal, the engine won’t start. This is a very great feature for security purposes. So, if the key you lost is a transponder key, we’ll need to first cut the blade to match your lock and ignition. And after that the locksmith will program your transponder key in accordance with the specifications and frequency of your vehicle.

Replacing Lost Car Keys with Fob

Remote and flip type keys are very much alike. Remote key is a plastic fob, which is an addition to your non remote standard key. With this key you can lock and unlock your vehicle, open the trunk, control the windows and even start the engine. Some of these functions may vary depending on the model of the vehicle. So, just like a transponder key, when you are replacing your lost remote key, we’ll need to program it. In other words, our specialist will have to make sure that according to the car specs the key and the car share the same radio waves.

Generally, flip key performs the same remote functions as a remote key. There’s one cool addition though. Flip key has a plastic fob as well, on which all the control buttons are situated. This fob is bigger than remote key and made to contain the standard car key inside of it. This is very convenient and less space consuming. So, replacement of the flip type key will also involve the programming process that is just like programming of the remote key.

We provide you replacing lost car keys services everywhere is San Jose, no matter what make, model or year your car is. So, give us a call for quality services 24/7.

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Are You Looking for Replacing Lost Car Keys? You’re at the Right Place
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