Master Key System for Commercial Security
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If you own a commercial business and would like to improve your security measures. Or require just one key that can access different rooms, a master key system may be for you. Master key is a convenient way to access your offices. Since you can use only one key on all door locks. Also, you won’t have to carry around a huge key chain and waste time picking which key opens which lock. Locksmith San Jose is an expert locksmith company, providing a wide range of commercial, residential and auto services, including master key system set up.

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There are commercial businesses that would benefit from having a master key system installed, these can include: hotels and apartment areas, large offices and retail stores. This system is an ideal solution when there are many employees in a company that require access to particular rooms. But do not need access to the entire building.

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Higher Level Of Security

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A master key system, can provide a greater level of security and control for companies. As access limits to any number of doors, with one key per person. In a school for example, many teachers will have a single key for various  rooms in their unit, yet will not have access to every room. There are different accessibility levels for various areas of a business. Making it more secure and giving the business owner more control of exclusive sections. In addition to this, these keys cannot be copied, are anti-bump, anti-pick and snap resistant, in turn preventing unwanted intruders.

This type of key system provides both security and ease to a business. With the advantage of one key it is a lot easier to access multiple rooms within a property, providing a solution for when there are people that require access to a specific area. For example, a landlord would benefit from this as only one key would be necessary  to access many flats within a property.

We provide you with a variety of services and will deliver great quality work. So, whenever you need a master key system, give us a call.

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Master Key System for Commercial Security
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