Do You Need Locksmith Rekey House Service? You Found It!
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Did you just move into a new house? Or are you a landlord and have new tenants? In order to secure your new home you need to call us for locksmith to rekey house services.

What does it mean to rekey your house? Don’t confuse it with changing the locks in your home. Rekeying is a lot faster and more affordable way to make your locks work differently. And you won’t need to buy all brand new locks for every door you have at home.

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Basically, rekeying the locks is to change them in a manner that allows a lock working with a new key or set of keys. When a locksmith is rekeying your house, he is going to change the positions of the pins inside and the way they interact with a new key. Lock rekeying is a good alternative to changing the locks. No one who had an old key will be able to get into your home, and unlike changing locks, rekeying will save you time and money.

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How Long Does it Take for a Locksmith Rekey House?

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The process of house rekey doesn’t take long. To rekey a lock alone will take just a few minutes for a professional locksmith. Of course, the time will depend on the amount of locks that you need to rekey. Also, base it on the fact of how you want your keys to work with your locks. You can have one key opening all the doors in your house, or different keys for different locks. All this you will have to discuss with the locksmiths once they are at the spot, and they will give you the approximate timing.

We should also take into account if any locks need repairing or replacement. If the lock is broken, it may be difficult to adjust it to the new keys. It’s better to make sure that it works properly with an old key before rekeying it. Unless it’s done, you may find yourself in the situation when you won’t be able to open the lock that wasn’t intact and didn’t get a proper fixing.

We believe that it’s better to be cautious rather than get into a lockout emergency. Don’t hesitate to contact us for locksmith rekey house services!

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Do You Need Locksmith Rekey House Service? You Found It!
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